Weekender in Savannah Georgia

Weekender in Savannah Georgia

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Weekender in Savannah Georgia

Weekender in Savannah Georgia: There’s nothing better than taking a quick weekend trip to a place you would never expect to have ever visited and yet have a wonderful time. La vie est belle! I was invited to a lovely wedding but of course had to take tiny excursions along the way.

Straight off the plane and I was headed to the hotel to literally drop my bags off and quickly walk two blocks to the fabulous Rocks on the Rooftop Bar at the Bohemian Hotel. Talk about humid weather up the wazoo so I didn’t take any pictures of myself or you would have a party of frizziness galore. Check out that beautiful view below!


Of course after a night of drinking, an appetite of mine cried out and found our group scrummaging to find food filled with grease. Sweet Melissa’s was the hot spot for pizza with torturing long lines that I dreaded waiting while wearing heels. However, talk about dee-licious.



The walk back to the hotel seemed like a century but sleep happened not too long after… The next morning was a real treat.


The Stairs of Death is what I found out these were called on FourSquare but it led to the River Street filled with bars, cute cafes, and hip stores.

Explore2Morning brunch was calling my name and I found myself discovering this awesome southern cafe called Hueys.




Parmesan grits and eggs benedict 🙂 The weather was perfect so I definitely had to explore the River Market.


 Couldn’t resist the best ice cream in town by Leopold’s.



Let’s talk about the pull up contest I ran into. Guess who got first place in the women’s category?? Your very only with 11 pull ups 🙂




I love art. Couldn’t visit without stopping by one of the best art schools in the U.S.






Only 20 blocks of strolling around and I was satisfied. I had the chance to visit such a historical city and walk on one of the most beautiful streets in the nation (image above). Couldn’t have been a happier day. I suggest you take a trip to Savannah. Although I had a wedding to focus on, there are so much more things you can do. Check out this bucket list featured by Bucket List Journey Blog.


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