Weekend Getaway in NYC!

Weekend Getaway in NYC!

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weekend getaway in nyc

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do! I literally hummed this Jay-Z/Alicia Keys song on the plane as I saw the beautiful city line from 30,000 feet in the clouds. It was a great four days in NYC. I was flying there to throw a surprise birthday party (my very first and I definitely succeeded). This time I didn’t take Spirit Airlines but Southwest. There are many cheap flights you can get for a quick getaway with them. Even Kayak has this cool alert feature that will tell you when cheap flights are available.

This time I was determined to visit NYC the non-touristy way. I wanted to eat at different places and explore the many many local areas. First day of adventure and I went to this well-known German restaurant called Nurnberger Beer House in Staten Island. Great beer and it’s really neat how they pour it in specific glasses. I hear they actually do that in Germany where each glass is designated to the brand.

weekend getaway in nyc weekend getaway in nyc

 Excited for our adventure in this city for the fifth time!

walking the streets in NYC


I had already started off the day right as a non-tourist because I got to take the bus into the city! I remember thinking to myself thank goodness I didn’t wear any heels. I was so happy too that the sun was out. The day before it was super cloudy.


taking bus in NYC

Enjoy that view of the WallStreet infamous bull statue.

the wallstreet bull
subway in nyc

There are just too many cool spots to take pictures. I had my boyfriend/designated photographer have fun with me in taking random pics when walking in the city.

photography in NYC

The hotel we stayed at in the financial district of the city was super cool. I felt pretty fancy upon walking in the shiny entrance.

millennium hotel

Of course to any daily adventure, I have to try wonderful local places to eat. This cute place in the lower East side district was called The Meatball Shop. Mouthwatering to say the least.

meatball shop NYC meatball shop NYC patio

Enjoying that spring time breeze on the trail near the Hudson River.

Hudson river walk Hudson river trail

Always eating… it’s hard not to when there are trucks and stands on every block! Lovin this guys face.

hot dog stands in nyc

The High Line is a great place to visit and walk along. Beware of all the tourist and locals.. there are a ton and it can take forever to walk across the whole thing. I wore my flats and wished I had my sneakers. I know the plants are dead looking now but I know in the summer time it is just gorgeous. Perfect for more picture taking.  I definitely will come back in the summer.

high line in nyc

The hotel was near the Freedom Tower. Such a beautiful building but it definitely reminds us all of the tragic moment of September 11th.

freedom tower Brooklyn bridgeSo for a random image below, I got a chance to go to a night club and enjoy VIP bottle service! Super fun and eventful night. 
bottle service in nyc

My main purpose was to throw that surprise birthday party and it was a success. He was obviously very surprised and grateful 🙂 Do something spontaneous and head to NYC for a four day weekend. You won’t be disappointed. There is just too many things to do. Boredom is not an option.


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