Riding in a Lambourghini

Riding in a Lambourghini

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Jenny ching in Lamborghini

Too fast, too furious!

Want to learn how to ride a Lambourghini? Well it wasn’t tough signing up for a ride. I was just glad I came across this fabulous link when searching for bucket list things to do with my darling boyfriend on Pinterest. I decided to do this bucket list to mark off every anniversary with him. So riding a super luxury car was on that list for us. I know fancy cars pretty much come to a close second to sex with men. I had the opportunity to ride in a Ferrari as well but we chose the Lambo.

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I can tell you that it was a cool experience to start but then it got pretty scary once I was in the passenger’s seat. My boyfriend got the pass where he could drive the Lambo but I refused to even step foot on the gas pedal. Considering as well that you had to purchase insurance before you stepped foot in the car. I don’t blame them. It is a quarter of a million dollar car. The race car driver was talented to say the least. I’m pretty sure he enjoyed scaring the hell out of me as he sped down the short lane at 150 mph in a few seconds. I swear I was going to have a heart attack. So all those action movies where I wished I was in the getaway car had quickly vanished and I no longer want to be the Bonnie to my Clyde.

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For $300, it took about 20 min for each of us to go around 3 laps in this dream car. I know it sounds crazy but I don’t know when I will ever get a chance to be in this type of car again. I certainly know that I won’t buy this car even if I had the money just because I don’t plan on speeding down lanes since I feared for my life with a professional driver at the wheel. It was an experience I’m glad I tried out. So if you want to try it out just check out ImagineLifestyles site here.

So be cool and continue to ride dirty.


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