NYC Fashion Week 3 Day Experience

NYC Fashion Week 3 Day Experience

NYC Fashion Week 3 Day Experience

What a freaking dope experience it was getting immersed in the madness of NYC Fashion Week. I’ll try to recap as much as I can from the adventures I went through but to say the least was that I will definitely give it a go around again next year!

Front of Building _

I had the privilege of experiencing front row seats to the Exteberria run way show featuring amazing women’s and men’s leather wear only a few hours into arriving in the city. On top of that, taking a picture with Nigel Barker was oober fabulous. Check out more pictures on my Instagram!

Front Row

I had a chance to meet a group of lovely fashionistas at a networking event on top of this really cool Monarch Rooftop Lounge my second day. From models, makeup artists, and handbag designers there were so many connects I made just by joining this event to meeting rising fashion entrepreneurs. The view was epic and was definitely worth it as I expanded my network of fashion lovers. That night I ended going with a couple gals to this rooftop lounge called 230 Fifth. You should definitely check out these places in the city.


My third day I got to go to a pop up shop for upcoming designers. Handbag designer Ella Danla (@EllaDanla) and AMco Clothing (@AdrianaMarieCo) were great hosts and premiered amazing new designs. What I love about these brands is that they showcase being positive and giving back to the community. It’s always so great to see brands that want to make a social impact.

Ella Danla

Really grateful to have gotten a chance to visit Fashion Week for a few days. It was awesome seeing all the avant garde type outfits strutting the streets. New York is definitely the place to experience the busy busy fashion hussle. Until next time…


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  1. This sounds like us sisters need to go on a NYC adventure next time 🙂 I’m so happy that all things are going well for you! 🙂 love you.

  2. Jenny Ching Rosas

    Thanks Lauren! Can’t wait for next week. Juuu of course we will go here together for some adventure 🙂

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