#NoMoreExcuses – No Excuse Mom

#NoMoreExcuses – No Excuse Mom

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#NoMoreExcuses – No Excuse Mom

She’s a mother of two adorable children, a beautiful supportive wife, and just an all around pleasant gal to be around with. I’ve known Kay Gonzales for over a year and there wasn’t a time we weren’t either laughing together or seeking some neat fitness program to conquer. I decided to write about her because I wanted to start her in my inspirational #NoMoreExcuses series. I love meeting people who inspire me to be better. Surrounding myself around people who have reached their own successes is what we should be reading about more often. Every one has their unique journey and what good is it to just hide the amazing stories of people just like us?

So I asked Kay a few questions about her health and fitness. I was inspired to see her achieve her crazy running goals while juggling around two cutesy rascals at home. Of course, as always, she was thrilled to share her story and why she makes time to keep on running. I appreciate the time she takes to not only share the running events she participates in but she always strives to motivate everyone that will listen. So whether you are a mom, student, or strapping man there are no excuses to achieving what you want to get out in life. It’s all on you. Check out all the half marathons and full marathons Kay has participated in. She doesn’t even mention the 5K runs but there a ton that she finished.



Name: Kay Gonzales

Currently Reside: Olathe, KS


Proud job title: Happy Mother of 2 Beautiful Children




  • Tell us your story that led you to doing what you are passionate about in running.


10 years ago, a good friend of mine inspired me to run my first full marathon (26.2 miles).  She had just ran her first marathon in Bermuda and motivated me.  I wanted to take a new challenge so I ran the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Full Marathon and raised $4,000 to support American Stroke Association.  I ran the marathon in honor of my friend who suffered a mild stroke.  After completing the San Diego Marathon, six months later, I ran another full marathon in Overland Park.


  • Why do you like running?

I love running because it keeps me fit and active. Every race is a new challenge and adventure.  I run before anyone is awake in the house so it allows “me” time.  Running keeps me positive and makes me happy.  I feel a great sense of accomplishment after every run.  I have met so many good friends through running.


  • When is your next race?

Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon on November 16th.


  • What is some advice you can give to those mothers out there when pursuing their fitness goals?

Set goals if you want to be successful.  That’s what will motivate you.  Allow time for yourself.  Just go out there and do it!


  • Tell us about your proudest accomplishments in fitness.

I am proud to say that I have ran 2 Full Marathons and 10 Half Marathons.

My 8 year old daughter, Gabby just ran her first 5K this weekend.  I’m such a proud mom knowing that I’m a role model for my kids. They know that mommy runs and gets excited when I bring a medal home.







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  1. I know Kay on more of a professional level and she is an inspiration for us too! She is an amazing woman all around and the type of person you want to surround yourself with to be successful. Thank you for highlighted such a wonderful woman!

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