Introducing Young Fashion Designer Whitney Manney

Introducing Young Fashion Designer Whitney Manney

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Introducing Young Fashion Designer Whitney Manney

Whitney Manney is a fashion designer and KCAI graduate. Her focus is on digital print textiles and I had the pleasure of meeting this fascinating women at her opening fashion show at UMKC Art Gallery! The culmination of fashion and art is unique and what more to love when combining those two things that I love in life. Check out the street artistic flair in her work below. I also got the chance to have her share her story and love for being a fashion designer in good ol’ Kansas City as a young entrepreneur.






Name: Whitney Manney

Currently Reside: Kansas City, MO

Age: 24

Proud job title: Fashion Designer

Artist Statement: Translating the aesthetics of street art into ready to wear fashion and textile design is the main focus of the WHITNEYMANNEY label, acknowledging the principles of street art: involvement of the hand, the pace of creating new imagery and the unique quality of each motif has remained a source of inspiration for the label. Remaining artistically involved in every process of garment development allows creative freedom without restrictions. We create clothing and accessories for the woman who enjoys a hybrid between maximum comfort and high fashion. Each collection is created with a woman in mind who is not afraid to express her individuality in everything she does, leaving the role of being average to the rest of the world.

Contact: #WhitneyManney/@heywhithey/


  • Tell us your story. Why do you make art? Where did it all begin ūüôā

I’ve always been a creative person and knew that I wanted to be an artist, I just wasn’t too sure which medium I wanted to go into. I taught myself how to sew when I was 13 and went from there. Art for me is the thing that¬†keeps me balanced in every aspect. If I’m not creating in some format, I feel empty in a way.

  • Where do you feature your artwork now if you do?

My current collection, PrimaRebelle, is on display at the UMKC Gallery of Art in the Fine Arts building, 5015 Holmes

  • Where does your inspiration come from?

My work is mostly inspired by the aesthetics behind street art and cultural movements that have defined the urban lifestyle that we know and live in today.

  • Has your artwork been featured anywhere?

I’ve been in KC Fashion Week and St. Louis Fashion Week twice, 435 Magazine, KC Magazine, Kansas City Live, Ink, Mulvane Art Museum at Washburn University, and a whole lot of fashion blogs.

  • Favorite Color?

That’s¬†like¬†the hardest question to¬†answer! I love them all, so I always say I don’t have a favorite¬†color lol

  • Do you connect with other artists and how?

I am a Kansas City Art Institute Alumni, so I stay in touch with most of the friends that I made from there. Also I get to meet so many designers back stage at different shows. I try to make it to First Fridays and other openings as much as possible.

  • Which artwork are you most proud of?¬†

From the PrimaRebelle collection, I would have to say that I am most proud of the coral cape with gold appliqué. It took a lot of time and muslin samples to get that perfect drape!

  • Is there a favorite artist tool or color you have to include in your work?

Well I would say that my sewing machine and Photoshop would be my favorite tools to use in my work. Photoshop mainly because I get to manipulate my drawings/paintings and dye samples into beautiful patterns. I would say that pink always ends up in my collections…no matter how hard I try to not include it!


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