Let a Stranger Dress You, I Dare You to be impressed

Let a Stranger Dress You, I Dare You to be impressed

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(Photo: Fashion Stylist – Johnny Wujeck, Instagram @jwujek, Dresses Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and Chrissy Teigen)

Let a Stranger Dress You, I Dare You to be impressed

When shopping decisions suck, hire a personal stylist! It’s simple and affordable.

Fashion is an expression of our individuality, but are we always independent when we shop for that perfect look? I know when I have trouble searching or putting together an outfit I turn to my friends, sisters, and even fashion magazines for an opinion of some sort. Life can get busy and we all can’t afford personal stylists so why not turn to a stranger who can dress you? An explosion of subscription fashion services have flourished in the last few years. Don’t fret because now it may not seem so difficult to keep up with the latest fashion trends. What you wear defines you most of the time and it definitely adds more confidence to me when I feel like I am strutting a well put together outfit. If you don’t have a specific style, this route might even help you discover a style you never even explored. Let these guys do the work for you below.

For Men

Trunk Club

This is a men’s only subscription fashion service that sends one to three pieces of clothing each month based on a 10-point system where each item is assigned a numerical value based on size and cost.

How it works? Take a survey and get matched with a personal stylist. That stylist will then put together a box of clothing items for you each month. Learn more here.

How much? $60/box


This is a men’s only subscription fashion service.

How it works? Tell them your size and style preference while setting a budget. Tell your personal stylist what you are generally looking for or let them surprise you. Your stylist will send you a preview of what they selected and you can give them your input within the two day deadline. Voila! Your items will be shipped. Learn more here.

How much? $69-$129 per item chosen

For Women


This is a women’s only fashion subscription service is backed by some pretty big celebrity names.

How does it work? You can choose to buy or skip each month, depending on what’s on offer, and you only receive what you order. You can also return the items if required. Learn more here.

How much? Subscriptions start from $29.99 and each month you’ll get access to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s exclusive t-shirt collections.


This is an women’s online fashion site that allows you to have a personal stylist hand pick items for you based on a fashion survey you create.

How it works? Take a survey and based on that you will get five hand picked items selected and sent to your doorstep. If you don’t like it then send it back. Learn more here.

How much? Items are selected based on the budget you set but items are $55 on average.


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