Knife Skills Class at L’École Culinaire

Knife Skills Class at L’École Culinaire

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Knife Skills Class at L'École Culinaire

 Knife Skills Class at L’École Culinaire

Bon jour to Knife Skills Class at L’École Culinaire It’s always great finding new things to do for fun around the city. It was a typical lounging type of day and I was perusing around the web trying to decide what new adventure to take on next with my partner in crime. Then I came across some cooking classes at L’Ecole Culinaire in Kansas City.

In addition to me not knowing how to cook as well as you domesticated folks out there, I really don’t know how to cut with precision. I am talking about that precision like the contestants on Top Chef! So I enrolled in the Knife Skills Class. There are so many hands-on classes offered at L’Ecole Culinaire. I will definitely go back to take some more.

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The chefs at this school have so much experience traveling all over the world. Some have even gone through Top Chef and were featured on other shows and networks.

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Ok no judging on the beginner knifing skills.

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So if you are looking for something new to do with friends and family, then I definitely suggest trying out a class or two here. There are so many classes to pleasure your foodie desires. So go ahead and learn something new!


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