Kansas City Fashion Week 2015

Kansas City Fashion Week 2015




kansas city fashion week

Kansas City Fashion Week 2015


It was a blast this year! Fabulous networking and meeting great new people in the fashion blogging world made my weekend. I got the chance to join the ULTA Press CocktailParty which featured amazing new products and of course the sweet gesture of including appetizers and drinks is always a plus in my book. Going to a fashion show was always on my bucket list and I feel blessed to have gotten the chance to attend NYC Fashion Week last year and many more events. Less than one year of blogging and I have had many opportunities to attend awesome events. Check out the fashion section of my blog to see. I felt it was time to really take a dive into Kansas City this year and meet the great designers and companies that make up the fashion industry here.

ULTA Press Cocktail Party

Great new products were featured at the ULTA Press Cocktail Party hosted before the show! The Benefits Mascara was my favorite in my goody bag. Met some fabulous bloggers and got the chance to indulge in the treats provided.


ULTA Beauty

KCFW fur coat


ULTA Beauty Desserts


KCFW Appetizers

Fashion Show Begins!

With front row seats, it was cool meeting the Owner of KC Magazine and the different stories they target to feature. Right across from my seats was of course the new friends I met in the photos below.

KCFW front row

KCFW Architexture

kansas city fashion week

Runway KCFW


KCFW Designers


KCFW Avant Garde Outfit

KCFW Front Row Seats
KCFW Funway
KCFW Makeup KCFW Men's Wear
ULTA KCFW red carpet


KCFW outfits

I love having the chance to attend these events. So much hustle and bustle but worth every minute! I hope you get the chance to seek out a local fashion show in your city. Or even try making a trip to NYC. You don’t have to be a part of the glam fame sort of life to attend. Feel free to contact me for how you can do that in your city!


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