How to Network with Other Bloggers

How to Network with Other Bloggers

Like with anything on social media, the only way to get noticed is by putting yourself out there a lot. Sounds kind of funny but with anybody who has a site wants to attract viewers to hear their story. Since joining the blogging community, I realized that there are so many supporters out there. I got the chance to attend a blogging conference called Go Blog Social which was co-founded by a close friend of mine who has her own blog ( It was a two day conference that bloggers from all over the U.S would sign up to attend in Kansas City and listen to experienced bloggers or e-commerce gurus speak about their road to success. I met some fascinating bloggers who wrote about a whole variety of topics: fashion, interior designing, photography, food, motivation, fitness, and general lifestyle. It was fun! This was definitely a way to get insight into other ideas and how other bloggers reach out to their audiences. I even won a free business strategy session with the successful company that helps brand small businesses called With Grace and Gold!

How to Network with Other Bloggers

It was fun chatting with this gal here who has her own fashion blog called BordeauxBlvd. 
Go Blog Social Participants


Over 200 ladies joined the conference!


Jenny Ching Lily Jane

There was a chance to win a free Lily Jane bag if you posted a pic on Instagram. Go ahead and like my pic here! I do have to say that my girlfriend is awesome at taking pics of me at all these types of events. Love her! There were also other vendors such as Lumene that featured great Vitamin C skin care products and media company called Pollinate Media that were there as well!

Lily Jane Purses


Go Blog Social PresentersGo Blog Social Set UpGo Blog Social TableGo Blog Social

All the tables were just set up so freakin cute.

Jenny Ching Photos

I had just created my blog cards to hand out and was so excited that I had them to pass around! I had such a great experience meeting all these connections. So to really network with other bloggers out there, it really helps to attend a blogger conference. Because if you are a blogger then you know it can be a lonely journey sitting behind that laptop at home or coffee shops. So get out there and go meet some new faces! It makes it really fun to have met that person you normally read about online.


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