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Oprah and Common to Guest Star on Empire

 Oprah and Common to Guest Star on Empire

Oprah and Common to Guest Star on #Empire! So a show that I have become obsessed with this past season! Lee Daniels the creator mentioned today that the two fabulous stars Oprah and Common will feature in Season 2.

Let me summarize in a few words about this show. It’s basically taking viewers into the world of a hip hop mogul’s empire. The music industry, the events, the drama, and more. I think more so the drama is what I am super into. Especially Tariji P Henson’s role which is super entertaining. I love her.

I am so excited to see who will appear during the next season. I love the music and singing of actor Jussie Smollet. But don’t get too excited ladies as he just came out on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Can’t get enough of all the drama and surprises of what this show features about the music industry.


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The Bachelor 2015 Finale

The Bachelor 2015 Finale

The Bachelor 2015 Finale season where I can say that it wasn’t all fake and for show. It’s hard watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette Seasons on ABC. Maybe I just view it as I could never fall in love on television and for all to see my vulnerability as I claw my way to see if I am a match for that Mr. Right. This past season with Chris Soules was pretty decent, especially the finale. I think that both the girls Whitney Bischoff and Becca Tilley in the end were completely down-to-earth. Becca was completely honest about not being ready and was so sweet in expressing her happiness for Whitney. I know reality shows aren’t fun when all get along and there aren’t any cat fights but it was refreshing to see a calm ending. All were understanding and it was good to see that true love when ready is all doves and sparks.

Bachelorette Season 2015 – What’s Next?

“For the first time in Bachelorette history, we’re gonna have two bachelorettes. … The 25 men on night one will have the ultimate say on who they think will make the best wife.”

This seems like it will definitely be an interesting next season. One girl isn’t enough, try two to make it a real fight to the finish.



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