Becoming a Better You in 21 Days

Becoming a Better You in 21 Days

how to become a better you

how to become a better you

Becoming a Better You in 21 Days

It has been quite some time folks since I have written a post. So much has happened in my life. From a new job I was offered to my boyfriend leaving me to Dubai, there has been some movement. I have focused a lot on becoming a better me. What does that entail? Well I put more energy into the things and people I enjoy the most in my life. I am ready to share them now since I have had some things occur. I created this fabulous list that you can follow for the next 21 days. I challenge you to start tomorrow and start with the first one which is to be grateful for what you have in life. Recognize the small things and you will see how privileged we are all. Then continue down the list til you go through almost a month of becoming a better person. Try it and let me know what you think!

Day 1 – Be Grateful

Day 2 – Stop the Judging

Day 3 – Be Compassionate

Day 4 – Simplify Your Life (Get rid of all the unnecessary things that stress you out. Is it your phone? The clutter in your room? The overflow of ads in your inbox? Clean it all up!)

Day 5 – Enjoy each Moment

Day 6 – Cherish your Relationships

Day 7 – Give Give Give (Stop being selfish and start helping others)

Day 8 – Compliment Others

Day 9 – Find your Passion

Day 10 – Seeking Fun

Day 11 – Do Something Different

Day 12 – Make someone smile

Day 13 – Focus on the Now

Day 14 – Exercise

Day 15 – Healthy Eating

Day 16 – Ignore the Negativity

Day 17 – Be the Bigger Person ( Take a step back and just let those childish things go)

Day 18 – Forgive

Day 19 – Humor it up

Day 20 –┬áDon’t be selfish

Day 21 – Pray/Meditate



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