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all inclusive resort riu palace cabo san lucas

Viva Cabo Mexico

Viva Cabo Mexico! Nothing better than soaking up some sun on a beach when it was super duper cold back home in November 2014. I was so grateful that I had the opportunity to go to Cabo, Mexico with my dear partner in crime. The view from our room was amazing! Waking up to this beautiful scene every morning always put a smile on my face. Luckily the Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas All Inclusive Resort was open from the terrible hurricane Odile that left this beautiful city in shambles. You can tell a little in my photo below that some of the palm trees had a little limp action going on.


I partook in some fine wine and dining in this cutesy turquoise dress.

jenny ching in cabo san lucas all inclusive resort

My favorite time of my days was when laying down on the beach during sunset. The water was sparkling and radiating beauty as the perfect temperature of a breeze brushed over.

cabo san lucas beach

cabo san lucas beach bikini

 So grateful my hunk of a man took me to this beautiful place.Cabo Vacation Beach Sun Resort

A vacation isn’t anything without exploring delicious food.

Mexican Food, Restaurant, Cabo Food

Cabo Food, Mexican Food

This mole dish was amazing. My mom makes it for my sister’s and I but was so happy to get a taste while walking around the city.

Mole, Rice, Beans, Mexican

Cabo Beach, Lovers Beach, MexicoLook at how the beach just sparkles! And yes we did have to use plenty of sunscreen. There are plenty of deals to go to a resort like this in Cabo. Especially in the fall so consider a fabulous trip here as a check mark to the bucket list.


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C’est la vie! Now here is definitely a way to get yourself motivated to lose the weight you want. It was just today that my girlfriend sent me this link to a fabulous site where you bet on yourself to lose that goal weight. Perfect timing for anybody wanting to lose weight for their New Year’s resolution. Want to earn an extra lump sum to recuperate from the holidays while looking sexy as you pick up that check? I introduce you to… HealthyWage.

Set up your goal individually or even with a team. If you sign up with a team of 5, you could earn $10,000. I am definitely partaking in this challenge to lose this stubborn 10 pounds of mine. What is even cool is that you could do the individual challenge along with the group challenge. There isn’t a cost to this but only the money you bet each month to contribute to the bucket of every person who signs up. If you don’t reach your goal by the end of your set goal time (which I know you will succeed), then you lose the money you bet on yourself to lose that goal weight. I challenge you to join and let me know how it goes. Let’s conquer these fitness goals together.


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The Process of Finding Yourself: A Simple Guide

The Process of Finding Yourself: A Simple Guide. I heard that great writers are great because they have found themselves. They have found their own voice. I am completely jealous because I am not quite there yet. That was one of the main reasons for starting this blog. I wanted to “find” myself. What does that even mean to find yourself? There are so many life experiences that take you on an incredible journey. Whether it’s good or bad, we live and we learn. Yes keeping positive does help you appreciate what you have but what about those not so positive challenges that face us? That is what takes us closer into finding ourselves.

Oh love that makes the world go around….love is something we wait and search for. Dreaming of that perfect moment to discover our passion or even finding that special someone. We never imagine the heartbreak and disappointment because that is terrifying. It is the pain of love that truly changes us. The losing of love that makes us who we are.

Life is complicated sometimes. There is promise though to opening up to new beginnings. Everything happens for a reason and you just have to take those unique chances in life.

It seems that when you step up in life to invite change, life has a way of guiding you to exactly where you need to be, with whom you need to be with, and hearing what you need to hear.- Tiny Buddha Blog

I don’t know where you are in your life but sometimes reevaluating your happiness in life and acting on it can shake things up for the better. Here is some guidance if you feel stuck or just want to discover more passion for yourself. I know I am working on these currently.

1. Stop Thinking and Just Do It

Take a risk. Do something impulsive. I know I tend to over analyze my situations and I am working on just doing as I feel. Take that trip to that country you have always wanted to visit. I remember doing that in college. I was in Costa Rica for four months and I remember sitting on the beach telling myself that I needed to do another semester of this traveling fun. So I decided to apply for some study abroad scholarships and work more hours at the bar to make this happen. That next semester I was in France and I ended up exploring Europe those four months visiting Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

While people were encouraging me to go take that semester to complete classes for my Masters in Accounting, that definitely wasn’t my passion to continue the studying. Something in my gut told me to take that trip to Europe instead of following my colleagues down that path. At that time I was stressed and scared about my future. I was scared that I was doing something completely crazy and would be way behind others in my academic path. I felt I might waste that year of traveling for building my knowledge to get into a top notch firm but once I landed in Paris, those worries went away and everything felt just right.

When I look back, I was so glad I went with my gut and enjoyed my last year in college traveling the world. Those were the best times of my life. So while this example applied to taking that impulse trip, anything could be applied such as taking that dream job offer, marking off bucket list desires, or even simply going to that one unique event others never thought you would go to.

Just live damn it. You have to make mistakes to discover what you like and dislike. Doing the same things won’t help you explore your boundaries.

2. Let Go of the Unnecessary

Let go of unnecessary things or people in your life. It can also mean to simply quit something in your life. Winners never quit right? Well only when it pertains to you owning that passion and pressing forth with it. Not if you realize that you absolutely dread doing something and keep going. What’s the point of doing that?

Make a list of the things you commit to at work, family, and social life. Notice what things you can let go to make life a little less stressful and more enjoyable.

The things that bring you happiness, that wake you up in the morning, that you lay awake thinking about at night—do those things.

The things that weigh you down, that seem like a drag, that steal life from you and make you angry—quit those.

As a dear friend would always jokingly say: KISS! Keep It Simple Stupid 🙂 It really isn’t hard. May be easier said than done but you can do it. Again, don’t let the peer pressure of what others say steer you in the wrong direction.

3.Socialize with Strangers

Everyone has a story, an opinion, and an insight into opportunities. It is about the connections you make in life. When I moved to Kansas City, I was terrified of not knowing anybody. Quickly that wasn’t the case as I met people at work, joined meet ups and intramural sports leagues, and found networking events to be brave and attend. There is this really neat site I discovered when I moved called Meet Up:Find Your People. I was thrilled to find groups of similar interests. People are out there that want to talk about the things you like to talk about and I was excited to find this avenue to meet others.

A couple of weeks ago I even Googled art events in my city. Found a free tour that would take me on a walk around the city that explored artist galleries and studios. I met a fantastic vision artist and it wasn’t long and we hit off the conversation into similar things we enjoyed. A fashion art show and dinner later, it wasn’t long and I was already finding others that talked about things I enjoyed which was art. I got the chance to go to a poetry slam event that I have always wanted to attend to support a stranger (now I call friend) who shared his absolutely creative writing.

Something interesting to do which I learned how to do eventually is to go to events alone. Although it is always fun to have a friend tag along, it is a even more rewarding sometimes to try something alone. It forces you to meet someone and talk about the things you are interested in. Try it, I dare you.

4. Don’t Put Your Dreams on Hold

Well if we are trying to find ourselves and discover who we are, we might not exactly know what our dreams are but for some you might already know. At least evaluating the things you enjoy in your life will help you down a path to finding it. For me it is starting my own business. I want to own something and have it revolve around the things I enjoy in life. I have started in that process of starting my business but for others you might be putting on the excuses of time and money. That is why you let go of the things that might be taking away that time for you to achieve those dreams. Money comes and goes. There is always a way to find it though. A good friend of mine was so persistent in finding funds to start her business. She didn’t let anyone distract her from her passion. A couple years later and she managed to present to investors to get $80,000 for her idea. A dream come true for her and I am excited to see her take on that journey. I first hand witnessed the tough work she did to achieve those funds. It didn’t come easy because she came from money or anything. She had to put in major effort to meet those key people to get her to even pitch the idea.

If you enjoy doing it, then it shouldn’t be hard to achieve those dreams. Just keeping on keeping on. The good that will come of it is you enjoying life doing it. That is the most important.

 5. Do Something Different

Try something that you wouldn’t typically do. You can’t know you don’t like something if you don’t try it. We are constantly changing to explore who we are so just keep taking on these tiny adventures. Try that new cultural restaurant, go dancing, or visit that local store. Go on Groupon or LivingSocial and explore what different things you can do. Broaden your horizons 🙂

I noticed in my life that the most random things I do differently are the fun stories I definitely remember and share with people.


Finding myself isn’t easy but it definitely is a fun process as I explore new opportunities and meet new people. Something wise I heard was that if you don’t define the things that make you who you are, someone will find their way to define who you are. Don’t let that happen. It’s easy for that to happen if you care about what others think, but be bold enough to say what you feel. Be unique and that simply means to stand up for what you believe in. Makes life a little easier when you are proud to say it out loud. There is always something to learn so like that old adage, life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it!


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Introducing Young Fashion Designer Whitney Manney

Whitney Manney is a fashion designer and KCAI graduate. Her focus is on digital print textiles and I had the pleasure of meeting this fascinating women at her opening fashion show at UMKC Art Gallery! The culmination of fashion and art is unique and what more to love when combining those two things that I love in life. Check out the street artistic flair in her work below. I also got the chance to have her share her story and love for being a fashion designer in good ol’ Kansas City as a young entrepreneur.






Name: Whitney Manney

Currently Reside: Kansas City, MO

Age: 24

Proud job title: Fashion Designer

Artist Statement: Translating the aesthetics of street art into ready to wear fashion and textile design is the main focus of the WHITNEYMANNEY label, acknowledging the principles of street art: involvement of the hand, the pace of creating new imagery and the unique quality of each motif has remained a source of inspiration for the label. Remaining artistically involved in every process of garment development allows creative freedom without restrictions. We create clothing and accessories for the woman who enjoys a hybrid between maximum comfort and high fashion. Each collection is created with a woman in mind who is not afraid to express her individuality in everything she does, leaving the role of being average to the rest of the world.

Contact: #WhitneyManney/@heywhithey/


  • Tell us your story. Why do you make art? Where did it all begin 🙂

I’ve always been a creative person and knew that I wanted to be an artist, I just wasn’t too sure which medium I wanted to go into. I taught myself how to sew when I was 13 and went from there. Art for me is the thing that keeps me balanced in every aspect. If I’m not creating in some format, I feel empty in a way.

  • Where do you feature your artwork now if you do?

My current collection, PrimaRebelle, is on display at the UMKC Gallery of Art in the Fine Arts building, 5015 Holmes

  • Where does your inspiration come from?

My work is mostly inspired by the aesthetics behind street art and cultural movements that have defined the urban lifestyle that we know and live in today.

  • Has your artwork been featured anywhere?

I’ve been in KC Fashion Week and St. Louis Fashion Week twice, 435 Magazine, KC Magazine, Kansas City Live, Ink, Mulvane Art Museum at Washburn University, and a whole lot of fashion blogs.

  • Favorite Color?

That’s like the hardest question to answer! I love them all, so I always say I don’t have a favorite color lol

  • Do you connect with other artists and how?

I am a Kansas City Art Institute Alumni, so I stay in touch with most of the friends that I made from there. Also I get to meet so many designers back stage at different shows. I try to make it to First Fridays and other openings as much as possible.

  • Which artwork are you most proud of? 

From the PrimaRebelle collection, I would have to say that I am most proud of the coral cape with gold appliqué. It took a lot of time and muslin samples to get that perfect drape!

  • Is there a favorite artist tool or color you have to include in your work?

Well I would say that my sewing machine and Photoshop would be my favorite tools to use in my work. Photoshop mainly because I get to manipulate my drawings/paintings and dye samples into beautiful patterns. I would say that pink always ends up in my collections…no matter how hard I try to not include it!

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#NoMoreExcuses – No Excuse Mom

She’s a mother of two adorable children, a beautiful supportive wife, and just an all around pleasant gal to be around with. I’ve known Kay Gonzales for over a year and there wasn’t a time we weren’t either laughing together or seeking some neat fitness program to conquer. I decided to write about her because I wanted to start her in my inspirational #NoMoreExcuses series. I love meeting people who inspire me to be better. Surrounding myself around people who have reached their own successes is what we should be reading about more often. Every one has their unique journey and what good is it to just hide the amazing stories of people just like us?

So I asked Kay a few questions about her health and fitness. I was inspired to see her achieve her crazy running goals while juggling around two cutesy rascals at home. Of course, as always, she was thrilled to share her story and why she makes time to keep on running. I appreciate the time she takes to not only share the running events she participates in but she always strives to motivate everyone that will listen. So whether you are a mom, student, or strapping man there are no excuses to achieving what you want to get out in life. It’s all on you. Check out all the half marathons and full marathons Kay has participated in. She doesn’t even mention the 5K runs but there a ton that she finished.



Name: Kay Gonzales

Currently Reside: Olathe, KS


Proud job title: Happy Mother of 2 Beautiful Children




  • Tell us your story that led you to doing what you are passionate about in running.


10 years ago, a good friend of mine inspired me to run my first full marathon (26.2 miles).  She had just ran her first marathon in Bermuda and motivated me.  I wanted to take a new challenge so I ran the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Full Marathon and raised $4,000 to support American Stroke Association.  I ran the marathon in honor of my friend who suffered a mild stroke.  After completing the San Diego Marathon, six months later, I ran another full marathon in Overland Park.


  • Why do you like running?

I love running because it keeps me fit and active. Every race is a new challenge and adventure.  I run before anyone is awake in the house so it allows “me” time.  Running keeps me positive and makes me happy.  I feel a great sense of accomplishment after every run.  I have met so many good friends through running.


  • When is your next race?

Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon on November 16th.


  • What is some advice you can give to those mothers out there when pursuing their fitness goals?

Set goals if you want to be successful.  That’s what will motivate you.  Allow time for yourself.  Just go out there and do it!


  • Tell us about your proudest accomplishments in fitness.

I am proud to say that I have ran 2 Full Marathons and 10 Half Marathons.

My 8 year old daughter, Gabby just ran her first 5K this weekend.  I’m such a proud mom knowing that I’m a role model for my kids. They know that mommy runs and gets excited when I bring a medal home.







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Weekender in Savannah Georgia

Weekender in Savannah Georgia: There’s nothing better than taking a quick weekend trip to a place you would never expect to have ever visited and yet have a wonderful time. La vie est belle! I was invited to a lovely wedding but of course had to take tiny excursions along the way.

Straight off the plane and I was headed to the hotel to literally drop my bags off and quickly walk two blocks to the fabulous Rocks on the Rooftop Bar at the Bohemian Hotel. Talk about humid weather up the wazoo so I didn’t take any pictures of myself or you would have a party of frizziness galore. Check out that beautiful view below!


Of course after a night of drinking, an appetite of mine cried out and found our group scrummaging to find food filled with grease. Sweet Melissa’s was the hot spot for pizza with torturing long lines that I dreaded waiting while wearing heels. However, talk about dee-licious.



The walk back to the hotel seemed like a century but sleep happened not too long after… The next morning was a real treat.


The Stairs of Death is what I found out these were called on FourSquare but it led to the River Street filled with bars, cute cafes, and hip stores.

Explore2Morning brunch was calling my name and I found myself discovering this awesome southern cafe called Hueys.




Parmesan grits and eggs benedict 🙂 The weather was perfect so I definitely had to explore the River Market.


 Couldn’t resist the best ice cream in town by Leopold’s.



Let’s talk about the pull up contest I ran into. Guess who got first place in the women’s category?? Your very only with 11 pull ups 🙂




I love art. Couldn’t visit without stopping by one of the best art schools in the U.S.






Only 20 blocks of strolling around and I was satisfied. I had the chance to visit such a historical city and walk on one of the most beautiful streets in the nation (image above). Couldn’t have been a happier day. I suggest you take a trip to Savannah. Although I had a wedding to focus on, there are so much more things you can do. Check out this bucket list featured by Bucket List Journey Blog.


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Kansas City is ranked #1 coolest city in the U.S by Huffington Post

There’s no place like home. Well my second home that is. I am very proud to say that I am living in a city that is up and coming on the radar as being ranked recently as the #1 Coolest City to live in by Huffington Post! So much is going on in this city since I first moved three years ago. I mean this is the place that motivated me to start this blog, start my own fashion line (coming soon), network with amazing successful people, gain independence, and overall just an enjoyable place I have had fun in since graduating from college. Ok so you probably want to know what were the other top cities chosen… #2 Richmond, VA, #3 Charlotte, NC, #4 San Diego, CA, #5 Minneapolis, MN.

Kansas City is ranked #1 coolest city in the U.S by Huffington Post

photo credit: Jim Nix / Nomadic Pursuits via photopin cc

The sports community here also just makes everything so exciting. From the die hard Royals fans, proud Sporting KC fans, and Chiefs fans there is always a hoorah chant to yell at the top of your lungs.

Kansas City is ranked #1 coolest city in the U.S by Huffington Post

photo credit: ryanknapp via photopin cc

Nearly everything here is affordable, people are nice, and most importantly this city takes pride in its good ol’ BBQ. Try out Q39, Arthur Bryants, Jack Stack’s,  and Gate’s for a real yummy taste of mid-western BBQ flair.


Boasting for being the first city to receive Google Fiber, connection that is up to 100 times faster than today’s average broadband speeds, that is deserving of some bragging rights. Also having the World’s Tallest and Fastest Water Slide which is a fun fact to mention as a random conversation topic. I like having those random topics to tell people at times 🙂


But one of my most favorite things to brag about is how Kansas City Is Building America’s Most Entrepreneurial City! The fascinating momentum I have seen this city provide in the entrepreneurial, start-up, and innovation areas just boggles my mind. Silicon Valley isn’t the sole standing place to learn how to be a millionaire. There are so many programs and think tanks to help you get started with whatever napkin drawing idea you have. Talk about making it to the Shark Tank in no time 😉


There is just so much that this city is offering as it develops more and more. Glad I have had the privilege to live here and experience what this #1 coolest ranking city has to offer.


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Top Quotes for Today

‘The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green earth, dwelling deeply in the present moment and feeling truly alive.’ ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Top Quotes for Today


“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu



Top Quotes for Today

“Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for.”~ Anonymous

Top Quotes for Today


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She Wants Wine – You Know She Does

The best wines are the ones we drink with friends and lovers. Last Thursday was such a great time watching the premier of Scandal with a group of lovely ladies. What was so great about it was that this hang out session was actually an event so carefully planned by Lauren Tennyson, a fabulous entrepreneur who is following her passion through her start up called She Wants Wine.

She Wants Wine was created as a wine lifestyle brand that drives to inspire and educate you on what the world has to offer the person who is working towards having it all.


What does She Wants Wine offer you ask?
– Private networking events
– Private label wine (coming soon)
– Group travel experiences
– Bottle service for your event
– Select wines for sale


As I naturally gravitate towards the reds, I found myself just slurping it all 🙂 Lauren created an evening of fun where there were sipping games every time a word was said by an actor on the show or even a finish your glass moment when an old school song played in the background on one of the scenes. All the wines laid out were even personally named to give you insight into Lauren’s attitude for the wine type. Lot of laughs and conversations were had throughout the night and we managed to get a still picture…


I am so proud of these gals that I met all striving to live life to the fullest and striving to do what they love every day. On top of that they are super fun and you will definitely hear more of my adventures with them. Nothing better than to have a group of supporters when you start something new. Check out She Wants Wine!


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