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Best Instagram Accounts to Follow - BaseBodyBabes

The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow

As I continue down my blogging journey, I have come across the most creative go-getters out there. From the fashionistas that flaunt amazing outfits in the most scenic areas to the travelers that dare to seek new heights (literally). I would consider browsing through Instagram a hobby of mine. There are so many inspirational accounts out there. Not to mention I have advanced in my photography skills just by following these individuals I find amazing at how they portray their interests. Check out the top Instagram accounts that I follow. Of course don’t forget to follow me as I better my skills in photography! These are the categories I share on my blog, so why not show a little love for those that love what I love?!

Best Instagram Accounts to Follow - Bali


  1. AFAR – A community of travel enthusiasts.
  2. Cole Rise – One of the best…
  3. Murad Osmann – A guy and his wife traveling the world together
  4. Kirsten Alana – All. Over. The. Place.
  5. Nicole Warne – A realm of vivid color and endless possibilities (aka garypeppergirl).


Best Instagram Accounts to Follow - Alice Gao


  1. Alice Gao – NYC-based food photographer. More than just food.
  2. Ashley Rodriguez – Creator of Not Without Salt.
  3. Diane Cu – Food and other fun stuff.
  4. Njinla – Awesome food places in L.A
  5. Pheebsfoods – All about the berries, nuts, and healthy shizz

Best Instagram Accounts to Follow - BaseBodyBabes


1. Amanda Bisk – Former Australian pole vaulter

2. MsJeanettejenkins – Trainer and Nike Athlete

3. JenSelter – Bad ass fitness girl

4. Basebodybabes – Two sisters rocking it in fitness

5. MassieArias – Her fitness journey is inspiring

Best Instagram Accounts to Follow - BKstreetArt


  1. Brooklyn Street Art – Leading a conversation about art in the streets.
  2. Jose Parla – Always transitory.
  3. TravelWriteDraw: Fashion illustrator that travels all over the world to live sketch fashion shows

Best Instagram Accounts to Follow - SongofStyle


  1. Aimee Song – Founder of Song of Style.
  2. This Is Glamorous – Just what it sounds like.
  3. Sincerely Jules – Latina Fashionista in L.A.
  4. Andrearthur – Fashion Photographer
  5. Tuulavintage – fellow blogger


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Million Dollar Dream Homes - Spain

Million Dollar Dream Homes

Dream. See. Conquer. Go!

Oprah said to “Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” I say truth to that. What better way to start a Monday than with inspiration to help you get through the week. I provided some amazing photos of my dream home. It’s my vision board for my future home. I think you all should do that. Doesn’t have to be a million dollar home as the vision but anything that you desire in life. Look at a photo of it everyday and envision have it. These photos I found are from homes from all over the world. From Singapore to Arizona, these views are breath-taking. Sit back and enjoy the pics. Follow me on Pinterest to gather more dream home photos.

Spain Home

Million Dollar Dream Homes - Spain

Million Dollar Dream Homes - Bathroom

Million Dollar Dream Homes - Bedroom
Million Dollar Dream Homes - Living Room

 Singapore Home

Dream Home - Singapore

Arizona Home

arizona dream home

Home in Cyprus

cyprus dream home

Home in California

wine country dream home

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choies online store


Trendy Online Boutique Store – Choies On the Rise

Many friends will ask me where I find certain cute outfits I put together and the obvious answer to those that know me is that I work to find affordable yet adorable outfits wherever I can. If it’s not a sale at a department store then it is the hottest online boutique store that is on the rise which is Choies!

A good fashionista will know how to put together an outfit no matter the price tag. Fashion is art. Being creative with fabrics is super fun! I think it’s great to have a couple bold outfits that make a statement. Check out some amazing deals from Choies below.

I love this floral Kimono coat: $14

Choies Online Store

Choies Online Store

White Chiffon Shift Dress: $14

Beautiful white chiffon shift dress that you can elegantly wear on a date night or get together with some girlfriends. The fabric gently falls on your body and sways as if you are a natural model (don’t we all want to feel like that sometimes?). A simple dress that makes you look like a million bucks is how i like it.

White Chiffon Shift Dress Choies

T-Bar Headband: $2

I have always wanted to try one of these jewelry pieces. And what a bargain! For only $2 I can add this piece to any outfit when I take a night out into the town to an event.

T-Bar Headband Choies


Only a few selected items to give a tease. I think you will enjoy what this store has to offer. Stay tuned for more outfits from this wonderful site.


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kansas city fashion week

Kansas City Fashion Week 2015


It was a blast this year! Fabulous networking and meeting great new people in the fashion blogging world made my weekend. I got the chance to join the ULTA Press CocktailParty which featured amazing new products and of course the sweet gesture of including appetizers and drinks is always a plus in my book. Going to a fashion show was always on my bucket list and I feel blessed to have gotten the chance to attend NYC Fashion Week last year and many more events. Less than one year of blogging and I have had many opportunities to attend awesome events. Check out the fashion section of my blog to see. I felt it was time to really take a dive into Kansas City this year and meet the great designers and companies that make up the fashion industry here.

ULTA Press Cocktail Party

Great new products were featured at the ULTA Press Cocktail Party hosted before the show! The Benefits Mascara was my favorite in my goody bag. Met some fabulous bloggers and got the chance to indulge in the treats provided.


ULTA Beauty

KCFW fur coat


ULTA Beauty Desserts


KCFW Appetizers

Fashion Show Begins!

With front row seats, it was cool meeting the Owner of KC Magazine and the different stories they target to feature. Right across from my seats was of course the new friends I met in the photos below.

KCFW front row

KCFW Architexture

kansas city fashion week

Runway KCFW


KCFW Designers


KCFW Avant Garde Outfit

KCFW Front Row Seats
KCFW Funway
KCFW Makeup KCFW Men's Wear
ULTA KCFW red carpet


KCFW outfits

I love having the chance to attend these events. So much hustle and bustle but worth every minute! I hope you get the chance to seek out a local fashion show in your city. Or even try making a trip to NYC. You don’t have to be a part of the glam fame sort of life to attend. Feel free to contact me for how you can do that in your city!


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How to make ice cream with just one ingredient

How To Make Ice Cream with One Ingredient

I was so thrilled to have found a way to make ice cream so quickly. It is my favorite dessert of all time. With just a few steps I had a bowl of sweet yum yum to devour. I had given up artificial sweets for 40 days. I mean it has been a struggle as I go through my withdrawals for ice cream, candy, and chocolate. I have three weeks left but I think my body has felt the amazing results of keeping healthy. So let me get to the point and show you how to make ice cream with one ingredient: bananas. That’s it? Yep.


3 Bananas and your choice of additional flavorings such as cinnamon, cocoa powder, or sea salt. Whatever your tummy desires as a dash item.

Total Prep Time: 

2 Hours to Freeze the Bananas

5 Minutes or less to slice your bananas

Quick Steps:

  1. Slice 3 bananas in coins as shown in the image below. You can cut up more or less depending on your ice cream cravings.
  2. Place the sliced bananas in a air tight container and place in the freezer for 1-2 hours.
  3. Take them out and dump them in your food processor. I suggest the processor since it is heavy duty and the blender might not form the frozen bananas into the creamy consistency like ice cream. Blend for 2 minutes.

Voila! You have delicious ice cream! Then you can add a dash of cinnamon, cocoa powder or any healthy additions to your liking. I told you all before in my post about how to make Healthy Kale Dip that I am inpatient when it comes to cooking and making things, so this tutorial on how to make ice cream with one ingredient was right up my alley.

how to make ice cream with just one ingredient

Hope you enjoy your potassium and fiber filled treat! Cheers!

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Healthy Kale Dip in Kansas City

Healthy Kale Dip – 10 Minutes

A healthy kale dip is always a great way to add some flare to your veggies. It makes it easier for me to at least eat my veggies when I coat it with a delicious dip. I am not a very patient cook so when I can figure out a recipe that is quick and simple to make for my busy schedule, it is a double win in my book. So I thought I would share this recipe I made up on my own. Check out the steps of this healthy kale dip below.

Total Time – 10 minutes

IngredientsKale (1 bushel), Cottage Cheese (1.5 cups), Lemon (1 tbs), Cayenne Pepper (1/4 tbs), Olive Oil (2 tbs), Garlic (1 clove), and Salt (Optional)

  1. First I just put the olive oil, garlic clove chopped, and kale in a pan on medium heat for 5 minutes. Make sure you remove the kale leaves off the stems. You can also chop up the kale a little bit so it can blend faster. When I am in a rush I just remove the leaves and put it in the pan.
  2. Next I remove all from the pan and dump it in my blender. Then I add the cottage cheese, cayenne pepper, and a dash of salt. Blend for 2 minutes or until you get the texture you want for your dip. It might also help to add a little water to get the blending going because the kale might jam the bottom of the blender.

Voila! You made a really healthy packed dip in less than 10 minutes. I’ll eat this with carrots and snow peas but you can definitely choose whatever vegetable you desire. I think this healthy kale dip can be used as a condiment for sandwiches. Being creative with my healthy foods is a necessity because I want to ensure I intake all the vitamins I need during the day.


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Rico Tacos in Kansas City

$1 Taco Tuesdays

$1 Taco Tuesdays! Nothing better than finding a local Taco Tuesday hub to chow down. Rico’s Tacos Lupe in Kansas City was a great find during my crazy work week. It’s definitely authentic Mexican here and the horchata was amazing. I was so happy to find this little hidden treasure on a fabulous 80 degrees type of day. You can find many Mexican places down Southwest Boulevard street. I happened to take a stroll down here and chose this lucky place to venture to. I didn’t get a chance to do the food challenge they have here but next time it will be on!

Best Salsa in Kansas City


Fun Food Challenge Fact here: Eat 10 tacos and you get a free t-shirt and your picture taken to be hung up on the wall of fame.


Chicken Tacos in Kansas City


Yummy horchata.

Horchata Drink in Kansas City

Drinking Horchata

After indulging in yummy delicious tacos, I decided to stop by this cute place called La Bodega to grab a drink of their awesome sangria.

Patio at La Bodega

La Bodega Bar in Kansas City

La Bodega Olive Oil
Sangria at La Bodega


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Oprah and Common to Guest Star on Empire

 Oprah and Common to Guest Star on Empire

Oprah and Common to Guest Star on #Empire! So a show that I have become obsessed with this past season! Lee Daniels the creator mentioned today that the two fabulous stars Oprah and Common will feature in Season 2.

Let me summarize in a few words about this show. It’s basically taking viewers into the world of a hip hop mogul’s empire. The music industry, the events, the drama, and more. I think more so the drama is what I am super into. Especially Tariji P Henson’s role which is super entertaining. I love her.

I am so excited to see who will appear during the next season. I love the music and singing of actor Jussie Smollet. But don’t get too excited ladies as he just came out on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Can’t get enough of all the drama and surprises of what this show features about the music industry.


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The Bachelor 2015 Finale

The Bachelor 2015 Finale

The Bachelor 2015 Finale season where I can say that it wasn’t all fake and for show. It’s hard watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette Seasons on ABC. Maybe I just view it as I could never fall in love on television and for all to see my vulnerability as I claw my way to see if I am a match for that Mr. Right. This past season with Chris Soules was pretty decent, especially the finale. I think that both the girls Whitney Bischoff and Becca Tilley in the end were completely down-to-earth. Becca was completely honest about not being ready and was so sweet in expressing her happiness for Whitney. I know reality shows aren’t fun when all get along and there aren’t any cat fights but it was refreshing to see a calm ending. All were understanding and it was good to see that true love when ready is all doves and sparks.

Bachelorette Season 2015 – What’s Next?

“For the first time in Bachelorette history, we’re gonna have two bachelorettes. … The 25 men on night one will have the ultimate say on who they think will make the best wife.”

This seems like it will definitely be an interesting next season. One girl isn’t enough, try two to make it a real fight to the finish.



Jenny Ching

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Knife Skills Class at L'École Culinaire

 Knife Skills Class at L’École Culinaire

Bon jour to Knife Skills Class at L’École Culinaire It’s always great finding new things to do for fun around the city. It was a typical lounging type of day and I was perusing around the web trying to decide what new adventure to take on next with my partner in crime. Then I came across some cooking classes at L’Ecole Culinaire in Kansas City.

In addition to me not knowing how to cook as well as you domesticated folks out there, I really don’t know how to cut with precision. I am talking about that precision like the contestants on Top Chef! So I enrolled in the Knife Skills Class. There are so many hands-on classes offered at L’Ecole Culinaire. I will definitely go back to take some more.

cooking classes, knife skills, kansas city, plaza

The chefs at this school have so much experience traveling all over the world. Some have even gone through Top Chef and were featured on other shows and networks.

top chef, cooking class, l'ecole culinaire, knife skills

cooking class, kansas city, plaza

Ok no judging on the beginner knifing skills.

cooking classes in kansas city plaza area

cooking classes in kansas city

cooking classes in kansas city

So if you are looking for something new to do with friends and family, then I definitely suggest trying out a class or two here. There are so many classes to pleasure your foodie desires. So go ahead and learn something new!


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