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Over the weekend, Sarah from and I teamed up to go explore Springfield, MO. It is just around three hours from Kansas City and a very easy drive. Springfield is the third largest city in Missouri and filled with fun! Also, we hear it is “where dreams come true.”



Where to stay?














The tropically-inspired Ramada Plaza Springfield Hotel & Oasis Convention Center was our home for the weekend. It is conveniently located off I-44 between Tulsa and St. Louis, and only 30 miles north of Branson. We started our mornings right with a free breakfast buffet.

As bloggers, we were very excited that we could stay connected with free WiFi internet access. Though, we forgot our swimsuits we highly recommend you pack them and enjoy a relaxing swim in their outdoor heated pool. The Ramada Plaza includes an onsite fitness center to keep you in shape. Plus, get a delicious meal from their onsite restaurant, Fire and Ice.

If you’re flying into town you can free airport shuttle service. Plus, don’t worry if you’re road tripping like we did the hotel offers free parking, too.

Where to eat?















Black Sheep is more than greasy griddle burgers. These beefy patties are a true indulgence. There are 12 burgers in all, including one quinoa burger, and the range of flavors is impressive. One stunning burger, dubbed Cowboy Carl, comes with a house-ground beef patty topped with slow roasted brisket, briny pickles, candied bacon, white cheddar cheese, and a mound of spicy fried onions. This towering behemoth is nearly 6 inches tall, and takes some skill to eat. The group behind us got it while we skittishly chose the simple mouth-watering double patty cheeseburger with salt and pepper fries.

Then there are the boozy shakes, blended with Andy’s Frozen Custard and all sorts of sweet additions including slices of blackberry pie. Each shake is named after a rock star, so it’s no surprise to hear rock music on the stereo overhead. Even the fries here have a delicious twist.
Of course, there are a few not so calorie-packed options including gluten-free bread, veggie burgers, and at least two salads, which seem like a better fit for during more so typical active days of both of us. It’s ok though, it was a free cheat pass for the weekend!

Brick SliceHouse




















Cheers to good pizza! While on the Trolley Bike we met some great fellow Springfielders that owned this wonderful casual spot to hang out. Check it out after a fun night of dancing for the ultimate social spot. Located in Downtown Springfield, The Brick is the only destination in Queen City offering a full selection of pizza by the slice. We especially loved their garlic knots, delicious.



 What to do?

Andy B’s Entertainment

Andy B’s might just be the most exciting thing to do in Springfield. Not only can you bowl, but you can eat, play games and get in a great workout doing laser tag.

With 21 lanes of traditional bowling, 10 VIB (Very Important Bowler) bowling lanes, an underground laser tag arena designed to look, feel and SOUND like an abandoned mine, a large Arcade game room with every game you could want, FULL SERVICE Restaurant and Bar, and private event and meeting rooms downstairs… you’ll never run out of fun things to do at Andy B’s.

Trolley Bike





















The Trolley Bike is an open air “party bus” 14-passenger quadricycle. The trolley bike has six seats lining both sides and a back bench for riders to sit on. Only instead of just sitting there, these bike seats have pedals at your feet. That’s right, we got our workout in while we explored. Riders work together to casually pedal The Trolley Bike around a designated route and stop whenever a thirst needs quenching.

The Trolley Bike is controlled and steered by a Conductor (Brian was ours and he was awesome) who guides you on your tour and makes sure everyone is safe and having a great time. The Trolley Bike is perfect for bar crawls, bachelor/bachelorette parties, company outings, Springfield Cardinals games, charity events and so much more.
A tour on The Trolley Bike is hands down one of the most fun things to do with friends in Springfield MO. There is really no better way to explore downtown Springfield. Make sure you tell Brian that Sarah and Jenny said Hi. 😉 We will be back!

Fantastic Caverns

























If you find yourself anywhere near Fanastic Caverns, you have to visit. This was one of the neatest things we’ve seen. Not only do you get to ride around in caves, your driver even lets you touch the ceiling, but you’ll also learn so much about them.

Fanastic Caverns is a small, family owned business, it was discovered in 1862 by an Ozarks farmer – or more precisely, by his dog, who crawled through an entrance. Your driver will even show you the hole that the dog found, you won’t believe how small it is. It wasn’t until five years later that the first exploration took place: 12 women from Springfield, answering a newspaper ad seeking explorers, ventured into the cave. Their names remain on a cave wall today.

Fantastic Caverns is absolutely beautiful, the beauty is hard to capture in a photograph and honestly it’s a must see to even understand how truly amazing the caves are. The Cave is toured in jeep-drawn trams. Since you ride all of the way through, you experience the magnitude, the stillness, and the splendor of Fantastic Caverns while preserving its natural features. This is the perfect adventure for people of all ages. We loved it!

Creative Escape Glass



























Creative Escape Glass is a MUST!! We have never felt so artsy and had so much fun creating a masterpiece from pieces of glass. Plus, the owners could not be any sweeter. They were encouraging and helped us bring out our inner artist.

Creative Escape Glass LLC is a fused glass open studio where you can learn how to make your own fused glass pieces! We went during open studio time which allows you to create according to your schedule, once you learn the basics. No experience is necessary. They walked us through everything.

If we were locals, we’d be there every week!! Each week we have a specific theme or project style during the week and a Saturday Project which is normally a great beginner piece to help with inspiration. Check out our Studio Calendar to see upcoming projects.
There will also be formal classes where you can learn new techniques or make specific pieces. Our wide variety of classes include some classes appropriate for most ages. Date Night, Girls Night Out and Just the Guys events will allow for more flexibility in creating but add an additional element of fun. Private parties can also be arranged for groups of 6-12. For more info on classes go to their Classes page.











Finnegan’s Wake Irish Pub & Restaurant







We found ourselves doing a little exploring at night and Finnegan’s was a great time. Springfield’s oldest Irish pub serving traditional Irish Food along with burgers, sandwiches, salads, two full service bars with 40 beers on draft and 17 Irish whiskeys on tap. Shuffleboard, foosball and pool – no cover charge.

We had so much fun exploring Springfield and can’t wait to go back. These are just some of the amazing things you can do in this unique, fun filled city. Stay tuned for our follow up as we plan to head back and explore the many other things Springfield, MO has to offer. Until then, we encourage you to find a travel partner or get out on your own and give Springfield a visit.

Disclosure: We were provided with hotel accommodations and press related access as part of our tour. However, all opinions are our own.

Damn that Nicolas Sparks. As I tear over this movie called The Longest Ride. He is so right though, love always requires sacrifice. I hear it all the time when people say life is too short. I am only 27 and I already feel I have learned a ton throughout my relationships. Of course you have to find that one great person to connect with and I feel grateful that I have found that great man.


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My new found love…. bootcamp. It is the perfect way to tone and kill that nasty body fat you have always wanted to burn off. It’s been about two months since I started this journey and boy have I seen great results. Especially in my endurance and strength. During the first month of my fitness journey I decided I wanted to lose weight which turned into me running miles upon miles on the treadmill. It was boring to the max. I am not a runner at all. I did lose some weight but I realized that I wasn’t keeping the toned sexy physique that I aspired to have. I was just skinny. Strong is the new sexy I wanted to take my fitness workouts to the next level. So I got a Groupon for unlimited bootcamp sessions at Raw Fitness in Kansas City.

Talk about challenge to the max! I have never been challenged to the extreme before and I have played many sports. All I remember was that the first class had me doing 100 reps of push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and 20 wall climbers. I felt like an amateur among the group but I was focused on the end goal of me getting in the best shape. It wasn’t long before I was keeping up with them. Unfortunately I pushed too hard one day and got a little injured which set me back a week and a half.

A few weeks later, I decided to continue on my boot camp journey and found myself


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3 day Military Diet

3 day Military Diet


How I Lost 4 Pounds in 3 Days (My sister lost 6)

It’s summertime and I had this aching desire to lose this little pooch that kept pushing through my maxi dresses. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about my image because I love my figure but you know us gals can get a little nit-picky with this whole weight scale nonsense. I was perusing on Google one day trying to explore ways people have lost a few pounds in a few days. Being as health conscience as I am, I know that isn’t the ideal way to lose weight but I needed to burn that pooch for my own sanity to see if my body could actually do it.

I mean at first glance at this diet, other blogger friends were losing up to 10 pounds in three days! That’s insane. I know it has to be a good chunk of water weight as well. And I was doing boot camp classes so I knew I had to calm down with not working out during these three challenging days. I wish I took the time to take before and after pics but I totally forgot honestly. I was on a mission. Let me show you the food plan below. I got this plan from the main site here.

I was excited that my sister decided to partake in this epic struggle journey but she had lost more weight than me by the end of it all. Total of 6 pounds! I was so proud of her. Goes to show you that every body functions metabolically different.

DAY 1:


Military Diet Plan Breakfast Day 1
1/2 Grapefruit
1 Slice of Toast
2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter
1 cup Coffee or Tea (with caffeine)


Military Diet Plan Day 1 Lunch
1/2 Cup of Tuna
1 Slice of Toast
1 cup Coffee or Tea (with caffeine)


Military Diet Plan Day 1 Dinner
3 ounces of any type of meat
1 cup of green beans
1/2 banana
1 small apple
1 cup of vanilla ice cream



1 egg
1 slice of toast
1/2 banana


Military Diet Plan Day 2 Lunch
1 cup of cottage cheese
1 hard boiled egg
5 saltine crackers


Military Diet Plan Dinner Day 2
2 hot dogs (without bun)
1 cup of broccoli
1/2 cup of carrots
1/2 banana
1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream



Military Diet Breakfast Day 3
5 saltine crackers
1 slice of cheddar cheese
1 small apple


Military Diet Day 3 Lunch
1 hard boiled egg (or cooked however you like)
1 slice of toast


Military Diet Plan Day 3 Dinner
1 cup of tuna
1/2 banana
1 cup of vanilla ice cream


There are a few substitutions in the mix that you can find. Like I used rice cakes instead of salty crackers. And I also ate plain greek yogurt instead of the cottage cheese. I was happy that I lost four pounds after it all but I won’t really choose to do it again as I feel there are other alternatives of losing weight that includes more food throughout the day. I just wanted to experiment. I did lose a little of that pooch but I am horrible and didn’t get a chance to showcase my success. Don’t worry as you are certain to find my bikini pics on my Instagram account. So follow me @JennyChingLove!


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how to become a better you

how to become a better you

Becoming a Better You in 21 Days

It has been quite some time folks since I have written a post. So much has happened in my life. From a new job I was offered to my boyfriend leaving me to Dubai, there has been some movement. I have focused a lot on becoming a better me. What does that entail? Well I put more energy into the things and people I enjoy the most in my life. I am ready to share them now since I have had some things occur. I created this fabulous list that you can follow for the next 21 days. I challenge you to start tomorrow and start with the first one which is to be grateful for what you have in life. Recognize the small things and you will see how privileged we are all. Then continue down the list til you go through almost a month of becoming a better person. Try it and let me know what you think!

Day 1 – Be Grateful

Day 2 – Stop the Judging

Day 3 – Be Compassionate

Day 4 – Simplify Your Life (Get rid of all the unnecessary things that stress you out. Is it your phone? The clutter in your room? The overflow of ads in your inbox? Clean it all up!)

Day 5 – Enjoy each Moment

Day 6 – Cherish your Relationships

Day 7 – Give Give Give (Stop being selfish and start helping others)

Day 8 – Compliment Others

Day 9 – Find your Passion

Day 10 – Seeking Fun

Day 11 – Do Something Different

Day 12 – Make someone smile

Day 13 – Focus on the Now

Day 14 – Exercise

Day 15 – Healthy Eating

Day 16 – Ignore the Negativity

Day 17 – Be the Bigger Person ( Take a step back and just let those childish things go)

Day 18 – Forgive

Day 19 – Humor it up

Day 20 – Don’t be selfish

Day 21 – Pray/Meditate



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weekend getaway in nyc

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do! I literally hummed this Jay-Z/Alicia Keys song on the plane as I saw the beautiful city line from 30,000 feet in the clouds. It was a great four days in NYC. I was flying there to throw a surprise birthday party (my very first and I definitely succeeded). This time I didn’t take Spirit Airlines but Southwest. There are many cheap flights you can get for a quick getaway with them. Even Kayak has this cool alert feature that will tell you when cheap flights are available.

This time I was determined to visit NYC the non-touristy way. I wanted to eat at different places and explore the many many local areas. First day of adventure and I went to this well-known German restaurant called Nurnberger Beer House in Staten Island. Great beer and it’s really neat how they pour it in specific glasses. I hear they actually do that in Germany where each glass is designated to the brand.

weekend getaway in nyc weekend getaway in nyc

 Excited for our adventure in this city for the fifth time!

walking the streets in NYC


I had already started off the day right as a non-tourist because I got to take the bus into the city! I remember thinking to myself thank goodness I didn’t wear any heels. I was so happy too that the sun was out. The day before it was super cloudy.


taking bus in NYC

Enjoy that view of the WallStreet infamous bull statue.

the wallstreet bull
subway in nyc

There are just too many cool spots to take pictures. I had my boyfriend/designated photographer have fun with me in taking random pics when walking in the city.

photography in NYC

The hotel we stayed at in the financial district of the city was super cool. I felt pretty fancy upon walking in the shiny entrance.

millennium hotel

Of course to any daily adventure, I have to try wonderful local places to eat. This cute place in the lower East side district was called The Meatball Shop. Mouthwatering to say the least.

meatball shop NYC meatball shop NYC patio

Enjoying that spring time breeze on the trail near the Hudson River.

Hudson river walk Hudson river trail

Always eating… it’s hard not to when there are trucks and stands on every block! Lovin this guys face.

hot dog stands in nyc

The High Line is a great place to visit and walk along. Beware of all the tourist and locals.. there are a ton and it can take forever to walk across the whole thing. I wore my flats and wished I had my sneakers. I know the plants are dead looking now but I know in the summer time it is just gorgeous. Perfect for more picture taking.  I definitely will come back in the summer.

high line in nyc

The hotel was near the Freedom Tower. Such a beautiful building but it definitely reminds us all of the tragic moment of September 11th.

freedom tower Brooklyn bridgeSo for a random image below, I got a chance to go to a night club and enjoy VIP bottle service! Super fun and eventful night. 
bottle service in nyc

My main purpose was to throw that surprise birthday party and it was a success. He was obviously very surprised and grateful 🙂 Do something spontaneous and head to NYC for a four day weekend. You won’t be disappointed. There is just too many things to do. Boredom is not an option.


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Jenny ching in Lamborghini

Too fast, too furious!

Want to learn how to ride a Lambourghini? Well it wasn’t tough signing up for a ride. I was just glad I came across this fabulous link when searching for bucket list things to do with my darling boyfriend on Pinterest. I decided to do this bucket list to mark off every anniversary with him. So riding a super luxury car was on that list for us. I know fancy cars pretty much come to a close second to sex with men. I had the opportunity to ride in a Ferrari as well but we chose the Lambo.

yellow lamborghini

boyfriend riding in a Lamborghini



I can tell you that it was a cool experience to start but then it got pretty scary once I was in the passenger’s seat. My boyfriend got the pass where he could drive the Lambo but I refused to even step foot on the gas pedal. Considering as well that you had to purchase insurance before you stepped foot in the car. I don’t blame them. It is a quarter of a million dollar car. The race car driver was talented to say the least. I’m pretty sure he enjoyed scaring the hell out of me as he sped down the short lane at 150 mph in a few seconds. I swear I was going to have a heart attack. So all those action movies where I wished I was in the getaway car had quickly vanished and I no longer want to be the Bonnie to my Clyde.

Ferrari or Lamborghini how to ride a Lamborghini imagine lifestyle Jenny ching in Lamborghini Lamborghini ride in the city Lamborghini ride

For $300, it took about 20 min for each of us to go around 3 laps in this dream car. I know it sounds crazy but I don’t know when I will ever get a chance to be in this type of car again. I certainly know that I won’t buy this car even if I had the money just because I don’t plan on speeding down lanes since I feared for my life with a professional driver at the wheel. It was an experience I’m glad I tried out. So if you want to try it out just check out ImagineLifestyles site here.

So be cool and continue to ride dirty.


jenny ching lifestyle blog in kansas city


walk to end lupus now

Talk about a FUN weekend getaway in Dallas! I think sometimes a quick trip somewhere for three days is the perfect amount of time to reset and get loose with friends or family. In my case it was hanging out with my great long time friends since high school (2002 to be exact!). It literally was a reunion for us. The last time I recall our wildly friendly trip was in Kansas City. It was time to reconnect and explore a diverse city. The main reason we got together was to support one of our friends in the 5K Walk to End Lupus Now fundraiser event. It was full of emotion to not only see the accomplishment of finishing the walk but to see us all support her for the cause. To learn more about this cruel autoimmune disease or how you can help please visit the non-profit site here.

So one thing I was completely proud of was my capability to pack light. I mean one backpack for the weekend. That takes skill for sure. It was my first time taking Spirit Airlines so that was interesting to try and fit in my carry on requirements.

how to pack light

 First pic of our trip with these guys.

dallas weekend getaway

Ok so what I love about my friends… we really don’t care what we do out in public. I had to get my 10,000 steps for the day while my friend Tim had to do his 75 daily push up challenge. We wanted to get it out of the way so why not just publicly showcase it at the airport terminal?

waiting at the airport

Upon arrival, it was time to indulge in some awesome southern drinks.

kazoos happy hour

Walk to End Lupus Now 5K Adventure

Starting out at 9AM we made the 5K trek. It was great to meet people and learn either about their experience with lupus or how long they have supported their friends and family.

walk to end lupus

5k lupus walk

Always with these guys, another pre-workout session of squats as a warm up.


I didn’t wear as much purple but I did manage to create some glasses out of purple pipe cleaners and found myself this adorable pup. Don’t worry, the owner dyed it’s hair with all organic ingredients.

dying your dog

walk to end lupus now

walk to end lupus now

 Your friends should motivate and inspire you.Your circle should be well-rounded and supportive. Keep it tight quality over quantity, always.

Adventure in the City

Success for the walk and next to exploring the city and enjoying it with good company. Can’t go on vacation without partaking in some food exploration. We found this nifty burger joint on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives from the Food Network app. I was ready to take a bite in their green chili hash burger.

twisted root burgers

I could’t help but take this shot.

great burger places in dallas

 Then we were off to the downtown area where we walked around the JFK memorial and the park nearby. The views of all the neat architecture was amazing.

jfk park in dallasjfk park in dallas

I felt like a little kid on this trip. Always a Kodak moment with me.

posing in dallas

posing in dallas

fashion in dallas

Trying to get my posing on above. Also came across this artist who did a live spray painting of his work in front of the crowd. I thought it was pretty neat.

spray painting

I didn’t get to take a picture of our happy hour pit stop but I did manage to get this bathroom selfie!

friends in dallas

First NBA game!

While partaking in our aperitifs, we decided last minute to just go to an NBA game like the basketball fanatics we are. Another adventure with these guys as we hop into the back of a guy’s truck to take us to the American Airlines center. Well I guess our girlfriend knew the guy so it wasn’t AS sketch 🙂 Let’s say it was definitely a fun 5 min ride and the sky view of all the buildings were pretty cool.

riding in a truck

We made it safe and sound!

dallas big american airlines center in dallasDallas Mavericks vs Golden State Warriorsdallasmavs nba gameSo after the game we decided to take an Uber back to the car and another adventure with us as we packed all 6 of us in a car for a few blocks of a ride. Too much hilarious fun. I didn’t get to take a pic of that as we were all crammed. I also didn’t get to take pics of our nightlife. Had to enjoy the moment of dancing on the rooftop bars with my pals!

friends for life

Great vacation this past weekend. So glad I could reunite with these guys. It definitely won’t be long as we reunite in August for our friend’s wedding in my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. Stay tuned for that story!


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true love

true love

Love is a powerful drug. You are lucky to ever find it with someone. It’s more than just butterflies in your tummy. Love at first sight isn’t true love. So don’t get caught up with scenes from fabulous romantic comedies (which I enjoy to the max). All I know is that true love does take time to unravel itself with someone. The infatuation sort of thing that forms in the beginning is amazing but don’t let it fool you in the first months or even year of your relationship.

So what is true love?

Well sorry folks. True love can’t be defined. There isn’t a detailed manual out there that can tell you when you have landed the jackpot. Sure there are relationship books and articles on how to lead up to finding a compatible partner, but not about the one guaranteed way to finding the ultimate true love. For me, I think of true love as not being bound by our sometimes stupid human behavior. Say what? So what I mean is that we have our primal instincts. So if someone makes you upset you show anger towards them. Maybe someone acts vengeful because someone had humiliated them in the past. We all have these natural reactions and human tendencies towards others, but I think true love can leap over those boundaries. True love transcends over all and helps to make you a better person.

Have you experienced true love?

I think for a lot of folks, our first love in life was in it’s purest form because we hadn’t experienced heartbreak or even knew what it was. So we loved unconditionally and without holding the breaks. It was a fearless kind of love. Then for most again, that first love breakup ruins you but helps you learn more about yourself at your weakest point. Everyone has their different experiences but that is what defines true love for them. Sometimes it points people towards never believing in true love again or to that hard core “romantic” love. True love is love in it’s purest form as I mentioned before and “romantic” love needs sexual attraction to stay alive. I have seen many relationships that lost their first love turn to romantic love and give up completely on true love. That’s how powerful love can be when it shatters someone.

Don’t fret though! True love takes time and when you find the right person.. you just know but you have to be smart about it.

How do you know?

You just know. I have had a variety of versions of love. Let me share my two cents on what I think a few signs that lead up to true love are. These can a good foundation to work into your relationship:

  1. Sacrifice – You make sacrifices (small or big) for their happiness and well-being. You just love them that much that you will do anything to make them comfortable and happy. True love is always a sacrifice.
  2. Effort – Comes with most great results in life but both of you need to be putting in the effort to keep the spark alive and understand one another. Know what pushes each other’s buttons and work to not do that.
  3. You Never Want to Hurt Them (Tit for Tat Syndrome) – We all make mistakes but one thing I learned throughout relationships is that you never want to react in a rash manner to your lover if they did something to upset you. It will never go well in the end if it’s a constant game going back and forth.
  4. Awesome Happiness – To see your love smile and laugh just makes all the worries go away. You always want to do something to make them happy and that will just automatically make you so happy.
  5. Their Perspective– Even when you are doing your own thing you are thinking about how they would react in a certain situation. You are always keeping your lover in mind. You think from their point of view in every action you take.
  6. Keep Your Promises – Actions speak louder.
  7. Honesty – Nuff said.
  8. Forgiveness– It takes a strong person to say sorry but an even stronger one to forgive.
  9. Jealousy – How can you be jealous of your love if they accomplished something greater than you? This may happen with friends but it will never come between you and your love.
  10. The We Factor – You are a team and you lift one another up during rough times. During good times you guys shine. It’s healthy to have spend time away but with your true love you are thinking of a future with them and always are wanting them by your side.

It is all a gamble regardless. You make the choice to open up your heart to someone or close it off. Whether you see the signs in your current relationship or not, don’t fret. This is a marathon so take your time.



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Like with anything on social media, the only way to get noticed is by putting yourself out there a lot. Sounds kind of funny but with anybody who has a site wants to attract viewers to hear their story. Since joining the blogging community, I realized that there are so many supporters out there. I got the chance to attend a blogging conference called Go Blog Social which was co-founded by a close friend of mine who has her own blog ( It was a two day conference that bloggers from all over the U.S would sign up to attend in Kansas City and listen to experienced bloggers or e-commerce gurus speak about their road to success. I met some fascinating bloggers who wrote about a whole variety of topics: fashion, interior designing, photography, food, motivation, fitness, and general lifestyle. It was fun! This was definitely a way to get insight into other ideas and how other bloggers reach out to their audiences. I even won a free business strategy session with the successful company that helps brand small businesses called With Grace and Gold!

How to Network with Other Bloggers

It was fun chatting with this gal here who has her own fashion blog called BordeauxBlvd. 
Go Blog Social Participants


Over 200 ladies joined the conference!


Jenny Ching Lily Jane

There was a chance to win a free Lily Jane bag if you posted a pic on Instagram. Go ahead and like my pic here! I do have to say that my girlfriend is awesome at taking pics of me at all these types of events. Love her! There were also other vendors such as Lumene that featured great Vitamin C skin care products and media company called Pollinate Media that were there as well!

Lily Jane Purses


Go Blog Social PresentersGo Blog Social Set UpGo Blog Social TableGo Blog Social

All the tables were just set up so freakin cute.

Jenny Ching Photos

I had just created my blog cards to hand out and was so excited that I had them to pass around! I had such a great experience meeting all these connections. So to really network with other bloggers out there, it really helps to attend a blogger conference. Because if you are a blogger then you know it can be a lonely journey sitting behind that laptop at home or coffee shops. So get out there and go meet some new faces! It makes it really fun to have met that person you normally read about online.


jenny ching lifestyle blog in kansas city