21 Day Ab Challenge – Join Me!

21 Day Ab Challenge – Join Me!

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21 Day Ab Challenge – Join Me!

Hi Lovely People!

I think it’s time we take on a fitness challenge. Nothing crazy but completely doable so that at the end of a quick 21 days we can feel like we accomplished something. I know one of the main targets that we all try to target when working out is our abs. We want either the sexy flat abs or protruding six pack ones but with consistency that can all be achieved. So join me in these next 21 days (3 short weeks!) to getting closer to our ab goals.

Take a before pic now and when we all complete this challenge we can submit our after pics!

meDay 1 for me!


Healthy Eating

No magic pill...abs start in the kitchen

Of course it all starts in the kitchen guys. It all basically sums up to eating clean but I think we can get confused on what eating clean really is. So here is a basic example to what you should be eating as a starter. I like to go by filling your plate with more colors. I am talking about the greens, reds, oranges, and yellows. Not the browns of the infamous carbs.


– 6 Egg whites

– Unlimited veggies

– 1/4 cup of oatmeal with brown sugar

Snack Options (mid morning and mid afternoon)

– Fruit

– Yogurt

– Granola

– Protein Drink after working out


– 4 oz. chicken with unlimited spinach or lettuce

– Unlimited veggies


– 4 oz. chicken or 6 oz. salmon

– Unlimited veggies

– 1 cup of brown rice or 1 sweet pototoe

Try drinking a gallon of water a day and take a multi-vitamin while doing workouts on top of this ab workout.

The Ab Workout

Do this workout Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday. Do each workout without resting in between (you can do it!). You will perform this twice. If you are advanced you can try up to four times.

Start out with 30-45 minutes of cardio. I will be jogging but do anything that will get your body warmed up and remember to tighten those ab muscles when doing it.

Exercise 1

12 Leg Lifts

Exercise 2

12 Side Crunches

Exercise 3

12 Bicycle Crunches on each side

Exercise 4

12 Cross Over Crunches

Exercise 5

12 V-ups

Exercise 6

12 Sit ups

*Repeat 6 exercises twice to start and work your way up to four. Go slow and remember what you are focusing on as you do each rep.

Good luck everyone and looking forward to seeing your hard earned improvements.


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